Ambassador's share that Tiny Homes are a sensible housing option.

Being an Ambassador...

You can be an Ambassador and create significant support for getting a Tiny Town in your city. Here’s what to do:

  • Join the Association and check that you want to be an Ambassador. Once you’re registered, log into your profile, update your information and pick the city you want to be an Ambassador to.
  • Next, read the information on the Association site. By reading it you will have a basic understanding of what we are working to achieve so that you can answer questions or point people to the answers on the website.
  • Then start to talk to your friends and family about Tiny Towns. Not everyone you talk to will want to live in a Tiny Home, and that’s OK. What’s important is that they appreciate that there are people that want to live in them, and that it’s a good housing option for those people. We aren’t trying to convert everyone to Tiny Home living, we just want to make a place where people that want to live in a Tiny Home, can live. This means that everyone can support the Association and our Tiny Town project, whether they want to line Tiny or not!
  • In your profile, you will see an Invites feature. Use this feature to invite people you know, because it will keep track of who you have contacted, when you contacted them, and when they register using your code. It’s a great way to avoid bugging someone by mistakenly sending them multiple messages to join.
  • So, who should you invite? Invite your friends, family, and social contacts through Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Talk to them first about the Association. Find out if they are interested in supporting the idea of getting a Tiny Town to your city. If they’re willing to add their support, send them an invite.
  • Watch the people you have invited through your Invites feature. When they join, send them a thank you note and ask them to share the Association with their friends as well. It doesn’t take long for friends, of friends, of friends to get a big enough Association membership to get us to come out and pitch your city.
  • As an Ambassador and once you’re comfortable answering basic questions and pointing people to information on the website, expand your presence. Talk to people you know but don’t associate with regularly. This can be people in your neighborhood that you recognize (because you’ve seen them a lot) but never talked to. Ask them if they’ve heard of Tiny Homes and Tiny Towns. Tell them why you are asking and listen to what they have to say. Help them understand that they can help a great cause, simply by joining the Association.
  • At this point, you are probably enough of an Ambassador that you can join some new groups in your city and bring your message to them. Because you are not doing this for any reason other than you believe that Tiny Homes are a sensible housing option and that Tiny Towns are a sensible place for Tiny Homeowners to reside, you can confidently spread the word.

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