Many tiny home enthusiasts seem to be drawn to the country. Is it because they crave isolation or is it simply because they cannot find a welcoming, legal place to park close to the city. Unless you know a rural property owner that will allow you to park on their land, your only option is to buy land of your own. Once you own the land, you’ve lost your freedom. Moving your tiny home to another town for work or family becomes a chore and setting up in a new location, more work again.

Our Tiny Town model places each town within an easy commute of the host city (ideally 15 minutes max.) This puts you in the country enough that you can escape the rush, but keeps you close enough that you can benefit from everything the city has to offer. Moving within the network is as simple as booking the next town where you want to live, moving your house there and plugging in. It has taken cities a long time to get to the point where they can offer the amenities they do. Why not enjoy that?