Many tiny enthusiasts seem to be drawn to escaping everything, heading off into the wild, living totally off-grid, really getting back to nature. This is a lot of work, and if you are trading the hustle of city life for the peace of solitude, you’re not going to find it in a tiny in the boonies. It’s a lot of work to live this way and you will find you are trading one type of servitude for another.

Our Tiny Town model offers shared utilities and services. Rather than running your own solar system, composting toilet or septic system, well and water system plan to plug into the town. We’re designing the towns with a central solar collection storage system. We’re planning an anaerobic town-wide sewage system to convert sewage into natural gas to run heater and stoves. We’ll have our own water storage and processing, as well as a central garbage collection, recycling program, roads maintenance and mail services, plus lots more planned. So, don’t think off-grid tiny home, think off-grid Tiny Town.