I am preparing my presentation to the Canadian Institute of Planners for the World Town Planning Day Conference on “Tiny Towns – 21st Century Affordable Housing” and want to share some data I am collecting. This graph shows the identified potential Tiny Home Buyer groups as a portion of the total population. Both pre-family and post family are identified.

Singles, couples, and single parent families are considered the most suitable to tiny home living given the size of the home. This does not suggest that only these homeowner configurations will work, as there are many examples of larger groups living in a tiny home.

The 18-34 age group would comprise singles and couples that are pre-children and the 55-79 age group would be singles and couples where children have now moved out now on their own.

Both of these groups do not have the same need for space that a family requires, so can potentially enjoy the advantages that tiny homes offer. The 55-79 group is expected to be more hesitant to live tiny, having spent a lifetime living large.