​I know things have been quiet here the last while, but that doesn’t mean tings have stopped, in fact there is more happening than ever before. 

First I want to welcome Melissa Robar as Communications Manager and Sean Warring as Research Manager. Both bring a lot of experience and enthusiasm to the project. You can read their bios by clicking on their photo’s from the Advisory Board page.

Our focus this year despite the global pandemic, is to prepare for the building of a Demonstration Tiny Town. This project will become a living, affordable tiny home community, include a neighbourhood where invited delegations of city administrators will be able to experience the community lifestyle and provide an opportunity to visually display our Tiny Town vision. We have identified a number of ways that tiny homes can fit into society, with Tiny Towns providing a unique supportive community experience. The project proposal details are posted here.

The project proposal has been sent to each provincial/territorial housing Ministry, CMHC and the Prime Minister’s office. We are working to send it out to all 124 first level cities we have identified as Tiny Town hosts. Our list of host cities can be found here.

More to come…