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Living Tiny in Tay Valley, Ontario

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with Noelle Reeve, Planner for Tay Valley, Ontario. We discussed the changes they made to their zoning bylaws in the fall of 2018, with regards to tiny home living.

In a nutshell, today you can live tiny on a lot that you purchase, and in a tiny home as a secondary dwelling on an existing residential property. In either case, the tiny home would need to be located within the standard building setbacks of the site (road and property lines). Permits are required for the tiny home and site. Tay Valley allows composting toilet and greywater systems, so off-grid tiny homes are acceptable forms of housing. Tiny homes on wheels are permitted however, they require that a porch is built onto the home or that the home is skirted so that it doesn't give the impression of a temporary trailer. The only restriction I encountered was that a tiny home could not be located on a private road so that EMS and utilities would still have access to the site.

I touched on the concept of tiny home Pocket Communities and found that this was an idea she was already considering, with the possibility of a zoning amendment that would enable some form of them, towards the end of 2019. I also discussed, in brief, our off-grid Tiny Town concept, as a future tiny living option and she was intrigued by the idea.

Tay Valley includes the following communities: Althorpe, Bathurst Station, Bells Corners, Bolingbroke, Bolingbroke Siding, Brooke, Christie Lake, DeWitts Corners, Elliot, Fallbrook, Feldspar, Glen Tay, Harper, Maberly, Playfairville, Pratt Corners, Scotch Line, Stanleyville and Wemyss. Tay Valley is also an easy commute to Perth, Smith Falls, Carelton Place, Rideau Ferry, Westport and Portland.

Look for our listing of Tay Valley Township in the Tiny Living Resource on the Association website, coming soon.

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Friday, 26 April 2019

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