A network of Tiny Towns located within commuting distance of every major city in Canada means you can move within the network and live by the city of your choice. Our network will make tiny homes a real housing option, just like apartments, condos, semi and detached housing.

Today, if you rent an apartment or own a home, you can easily move from city to city to meet your needs. Once the Tiny Town network is established, you will have the same freedom to relocate, but the process will be easier because you won’t need to deal with leaving your current home.

Using the online booking portal, you simply locate a new site in the town nearest the host city you want to relocate to, book your spot for when you want to arrive and not renew the site that you are leaving. Then it’s just a matter of packing the things in your tiny home that could get damaged when you move, disconnect your home on moving day and then drive it to the site in your new town. Connect and you’re done.

We are working to set up a national tiny house moving service as well, so if you don’t feel comfortable moving your own house, or you don’t want to keep a pickup truck, just for the occasional move, you can book the service online. They’ll arrive on the appointed day, hookup your tiny home, move to your new Tiny Town and park you in your site. Just connect and you’re home! Best of all you will know the cost of your move, once you’ve selected your next Tiny Town before you book it! 

Our network is the key to making tiny homes a viable housing option by providing legal places to live and facilitating the ability to move from city to city, just as you can in traditional housing.