The Tiny Town Association website is now active. We have been working hard to formalize our Mission and create a direction towards achieving our goals. While we understand that as new information arises and we move through the plan as it exists today, modifications and improvements will be required to bring a version of our vision to reality.

If you have an interest in Tiny Houses (Homes) on Wheels, then I would extend to you an invitation to join our membership. Our goal is simply to make legal places for Tiny Homes to park. While our initial focus is in Canada (we live here), our hopes are that the association concept will extend to every country around the world, providing all people with the ability to live tiny, should they so choose.

There are no membership fees to join, just your support of the concept is enough. If you want to go further, then indicate how you would like to help out on the registration form and we will contact you to discuss what you can do to help us create a place for Tiny Homes in our world.