Tiny Living Resource

We are building the Tiny Living Resource to provide you with links to information on each municipality/city/town/hamlet. Each location Tiny-ometer indicates whether they are presently "tiny home living" supporters or not. The higher the meter, the more options available. Select the Location name to go to the Tiny Living Resource website and all the location-specific details as well as an interactive map where you can access information on any location of interest.

Location Prov Type Tiny-ometer ARTO
Newmarket on Town
Tay Valley on Municipality
Leeds and the Thousand Islands on Township
Hamilton on City
Belleville on City
Vaughan on City
Burlington on City
Kingston on City
Oshawa on City
Orillia on City
Mississauga on City
Ottawa on City
Bancroft on Town
Niagara Falls on City
Norfolk County on Municipality
Guelph on City

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