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Request For Proposal

Project: Tiny Home on Wheels - Pocket community design

  • Size: 36’ long x 8.5’w x 10.5’ h (on provided frame foundation, excluding wheels) outside max
  • Provide: manufacturer, product/model# where applicable
  • Entry level affordable housing model

Requests for Proposal

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The Tiny Town Association, a not-for-profit Canadian corporation, is preparing to build the first Pocket Community in Kingston, Ontario. The property is currently in the review process in partnership with the City of Kingston. This proposed project would permit and support the construction of a 12-tiny home demonstration community.

This site will become a showcase for our Eco-responsible, Off-grid Community Model, and we are looking to include 12-tiny homes using a variety of builders and building systems. Once complete, we will schedule delegations from cities across Canada to visit the community, so they will appreciate how the Pocket Community Model using tiny homes can help address local, provincial and federal affordable housing demands. Additionally, our proposed demonstration project will highlight the importance of innovative and accessible approaches to sustainable affordable housing models in Canada.

The Sustainability/Environmental Policy/Ecological Economics, the Business & School of Policy Studies, and the Urban & Regional Planning, Business & Environmental Studies departments at Queen’s University plan to study the community over a 3-year period. They will provide the first hard data on the environmental impact of tiny home operating efficiencies and the social impact of our community living model.

Included in this package are 2-views of our early concept Logan32 tiny home design. We are looking to have the tiny homes built to Ontario Building Code (OBC) and National Building Code (NBC) Standards, with the following modifications to the design:

  1. All the widows on the side opposite the doors are to be excluded,
  2. The double garden door can be replaced with a single door and sidelight,
  3. The windows, placements and number can be modified for esthetics, passive house compliance, energy efficiency, or including skylights, however more windows are preferred to less,
  4. The tub/shower is to be replaced with a full walk-in shower with seat,
  5. The loft storage area is to be eliminated,
  6. The design is to be extended to a full-width - 36' long design, with an integrated utility room,
  7. The roof design could be changed to an off-set gable or other. When modeling the current shed roof design, having the metal roof extend as a small overhang over the doorways, resulted in significant loss of interior height. The maximum interior height is desired,
  8. The roof height needs to be lowered to use a deck-over hybrid trailer design. We will provide the foundation chassis to be permanently built into the home design. 36" from the ground to the top of the wheel chassis deck is required. Finished exterior height 10’ 6”,
  9. Metal roof,
  10. The toilet is a standard low volume flush toilet,
  11. Lighting is 12-volt LED throughout,
  12. Plumbing to include grey and black-water throughout with 2-outside connections,
  13. Appliances are electric or NG,
  14. Heating/cooling may be electric or NG,
  15. We require mobile home type utility connections to connect to municipal services,
  16. Peel Passive House has offered to review the design-build for Passive House Certification.

We are looking for tiny home pricing as follows:

  • Complete Builder Home package
    We will supply the tiny home foundation chassis to be built into the home. We are looking for a budget package, builder quality cabinets, appliances, finishes, etc. Indicate product models included in your quote. This is an entry-level, affordable home.
  • Home Shell package
    We will supply the tiny home foundation chassis to be built into the home as a completed shell with plumbing stubs, wiring pulled, windows, doors, locks, siding, roofing.

We require a wholesale and retail price for each home package.
If your home is selected for the development, details about your company and tiny home will be added to a new website we are constructing specifically for Pocket Community demonstration projects. This will provide potential customers with the details they need to order a package and a link to you for a custom home discussion. Ensure your pricing is replicable, as we plan to build additional sites and will look to order additional homes.

Please complete RFP form below. We are currently preparing our CMHC funding application for the demonstration Pocket Community project, so we need your quotes no later than Friday November 22, 2019 by 11:59pm to be included in our submission.

Tiny Home Tour 2020

Optionally, you can elect to participate in our 32-city Ontario Tiny Homes on Tour running through May-November 2020. We have several cities that have already offered venue space for the tour. Our first official building partner Ellis-Don (Construction and Building Services) is constructing our model tiny home in their new modular factory in Hamilton, Ontario as one of their first production modular buildings, specifically for this project. This Passive House Certified, building code complaint, model tiny home will be part of the Tiny Homes on Tour. We would like to have a variety of building systems and suppliers represented. We will invite the local municipal government, media, businesses, schools, associations and the public to tour the model homes during each week-long visit.

You can choose to participate as follows:

  • Option 1 - Association managed participation: $9,600 tour fee + discount
  • Option 2 - Self-managed participation: $9,600 tour fee
  • Option 3 - No participation

Option 1

The cost is the tour fee which covers your participation in the 32-city, 32-week tour ($300/city/week) and a 25% discount on your Complete Builder Home wholesale price. We will move, staff, and insure the tiny home, as well as take orders for the Builder model home during the tour. These homes will automatically become part of the demonstration Pocket Community project at the end of the tour.

Option 2

The cost is the tour fee which covers your participation in the 32-city, 32-week tour ($300/city/week). You will have to move, staff and insure your model home yourself. Your home may be of a design of your choosing with the only requirement that point #1 in the tiny home design notes is respected as it is a requirement of our Pocket Community Model. You will be required to participate in the complete tour from May - November 2020.

Option 3

You are choosing not to participate in the tour but have provided quotes to supply tiny homes for the Demonstration Pocket Community Project.


Payment may be made by:

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Tiny Town Association, 
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