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The very first person/company to support the Association by sponsoring their services was Doug Schroeder - Owner/Founder of Timbercraft Tiny Homes. Doug provided the first set of plans for our Logan32 model tiny home.

Minimalist Living
Unclutter your life and live better. Imagine what you could do if you had no mortgage to pay and very low utility bills. Imagine if you could clean your entire home in less than an hour!

The Art of Slowing Down
If you only had to work half as much as you do now to pay for your dwelling how would you spend your time? Would you travel the world? Write a book? Learn to fly? Free yourself from the rat race and live the simple life.

Use less energy or none at all with solar panels. Living in a tiny home dramatically reduces your consumption and waste.

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  • Tiny Home Plan

    < class="el-meta uk-text-meta uk-margin-top uk-margin-remove-bottom">Logan32


    Timbercraft supplied a set of drawings which included a floor plan, elevations, and framing for the layout we provided them.
    You can view the plans and download a copy here...

  • Example Build

    This is a 37' Denali 5th wheel tiny home design/build by Timbercraft. Timbercraft handcrafts each home they build and it shows.