For all those that have taken the step to support the Association through your $25 annual membership fee, I have posted a set of plans that have been designed to meet the Ontario Building Code (OBC). This is an initiative that was possible by your support. The plans were created for use in the southeastern portion of Ontario, so modifications would be required to meet northern Ontario insulation/heating requirements. These plans can be the basis for discussions with a local building department about your own tiny home project. You will note that no wheel chassis system is shown in the plans. Our model is designed to be attached to the pier foundation when being lived in, then disconnected from the piers and attached to a wheeled chassis for relocating. This allows the home to meet the OBC and can meet the wide-load permit requirements when moving. The design is an improvement on the Logan32 plans, as a 1-bedroom self-contained unit that is comparable to a bachelor or 1-bedroom apartment. It is seniors-friendly (with no stairs and a shower instead of a tub) and could be modified to be fully accessible. This is planned to be the starship model home in our tiny home community developments.

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