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Core Team

The core team of the Tiny Town Association remains small as we have been able to use volunteer working groups and industry experts to develop and expand our community model with very little expense.

Ed Peterson

Founder & Director

Ed is an experienced business professional with a strong track record of conceiving, creating, launching, and developing all sizes and types of businesses. He has had forty years of experience spanning construction, renovation, landscaping, renewable energy, off-grid living, systems design, manufacturing, B2B services, computer technologies, programming, marketing, sales, admin, and relationship building. His experience in managing social programs, has taught him how to utilize new technologies to meet a project’s needs.

Known as a strong leader and being a generalist, he has worked to develop relationships with people who are specialists in every field. It is these relationships that allow projects to come together quickly and pivot to address any challenges that may arise.

To date, all his business activities have been profit-motivated, but he has chosen to use his lifetime of experience to develop the Tiny Town Association as a social enterprise. The scope and magnitude of the need for affordable housing, drove him to imagine a new housing model that could be forever affordable while designing a plan that enables the homeless to reintegrate into society.

Chad is an ideation activist. His passion for community building and seeing social and cultural change has led him to join the TTA team. 

He’s spent the last 30 years of his life in some form of creative communications as a speaker, musician, producer, and designer. He’s now the Creative Director of Rhubarb Media, a design studio started in Barrie in 2006 and is the “Tummler” at Simcoe County’s first rural coworking space, called Canopy Coworking.  Chad has helped create spaces for freelancers, startups and other digital nomads since 2009 (Previously The Creative Space).

Chad’s passion is to help others do what makes them come alive. He has a strong desire to see social change in local communities and through his work Rhubarb Media and Coworking has mentored hundreds of startups and helped numerous social organizations thrive.

Chad Ballantyne

Director of Partnerships & Media Relations

Nelson Chenier

Eastern Canada Operations

Nelson is a minimalist, with a big heart.

For the past 25 years, he has been working for the Federal Government under Health Canada. He became a licensed Paramedic following a traumatic event in his life, and now helps people in need or distress.
In 1980, Terry Fox, as he was passing through the village where Nelson lived, Nelson had the opportunity to meet Terry. This life changing event launched his volunteering passion, first in school and now with various organizations and charities.

He was introduced to the tiny house movement while on a business trip in 1997 and this concept of minimalist living in a tiny home captured his attention. Nelson began researching tiny homes, travelling to places around the world, gathering and sharing what he learned with others. Over the years, the movement has evolved as new organizations were formed and various events were hosted, many he attended in various capacities. In 2022, while attending the first Tiny Home Show in Ancaster Ontario, Nelson was introduced to the Tiny Town Association and learned of their mission.

Living in Ottawa, Canada’s sixth largest city, he is reminded daily what happens when housing isn’t a right, and people can’t afford the housing that is available. Nelson began using his knowledge of tiny homes to educate the public and various government officials, on the merits of tiny homes as affordable housing. Learning that the Tiny Town Association is working to build affordable tiny home communities, he joined as a volunteer in January 2023, bringing his passion for change in housing.

Being fully bilingual (English and French), Nelson is happy to connect with you in the language of your choice.

in the know

Advisory Team

Our association’s growth, community model design, and housing model acceptance has come from our collaboration with people in the know. Not just people in the tiny home movement, but also architects, designers, community development professionals, social advocates, and business people.   

Bianca Metz

Sustainable Living Specialist Tiny Home Consultant
TTA Advisor

The Giving Tree Consulting

Sustainable Spaces Inc.
The Tiny Home Show

Bianca, the founder of The Giving Tree Consulting and Tiny Homes Ontario, lives with her husband and four-year-old son in their 240-square-foot Tiny Home on 6 acres in Southern Ontario. Her passions are minimalism, simplistic living, permaculture and affordable housing! Having downsized with her family almost 4 years ago, she has dedicated her business, The Giving Tree, to research and advocacy related to tiny homes as affordable housing options for Ontarians.

As Director of Sustainable Spaces Inc, Lead Tiny Home Consultant for The Giving Tree and a co-producer of the Tiny Home Show, she is a trailblazer in advocating for tiny homes throughout Ontario. Most notably, she works with municipalities across the province to establish legal solutions for tenant home tiny homes.

The Giving Tree Family guides individuals and families towards environmentally sustainable affordable housing solutions. She provide clients with realistic solutions by designing a life rooted in sustainability, to improve quality of life while reducing financial burdens and environmental footprint.

Jason is an experienced community development professional with a strong history of advocating for the creation of equitable access to services for marginalized people.

Twenty years of experience working within the mental health, substance use, and housing fields have provided Jason with unique insights into many of the challenges facing communities and non-profit organizations.

Jason is an active volunteer; having served his community as President of the Board of Directors of the Timmins Academic Family Health Team, as Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the South Porcupine Food Bank, as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins, as the founder of the Homeless Coalition of Timmins, as well as through many local initiatives and events.

Jason leads the development, implementation and growth of innovative services for people experiencing homelessness in Timmins. These projects have created solutions for those impacted by mental illness/substance use, homelessness and food in-security; while creating social inclusion opportunities for marginalized groups.

Alongside developing the SJE Team, Jason teaches within the Mental Health & Addictions program at Northern College in Timmins.

Jason Sereda

TTA Advisor

TIm Kuntz

TTA Advisor & Business Development Professional

With 20 years’ experience in business development, sales, strategic partnerships and finance, Tim is an innovator and connector who thrives on creating client value, developing inventive business models, and
innovating the sales processes all the while forging new and original strategic relationships.

Tim has a passion for Offsite Construction Systems (OCS), technologies (panelized/modular/container and hybrid construction) and working with developers, builders, architects and project management companies, to collaborate, design and implement innovative housing projects. He has
been a vital role player in equity/debt management, and strategic relationship development.

A successful entrepreneur with business upstart, equity/debt financing, and senior management experience, Tim is a creative problem solver using systems and processes to maximize efficiencies throughout the entire business cycle. Tim recognizes that inspired people are the key to any growth operation, and he also has a keen eye for impact marketing and the ability to oversee a public
relations portfolio.

Derick is the host of Daytime Ottawa on Rogers TV and you can often hear him on CityNews Ottawa discussing local, provincial and national issues. Over his 18-year television career, Derick has demonstrated an amazing ability to connect with people, young and old. Derick is authentic and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, which is something guests and viewers have grown to appreciate over the years.

In 2012, Derick was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community work and contributions to charitable organizations. He received this award well before going public with his personal struggle of living with chronic fecal incontinence since birth.

Following his public admission, he accepted the role of ambassador for the Canadian Continence Foundation in the hopes of helping others who are living with any number of challenges. Derick is also the president of the foundation.

Derick has given inspirational and impactful talks, including his powerful TEDx Talk based on themes of; living with an invisible medical condition, bullying, living with mental illness, isolation, living life to its fullest, human connection, building meaningful relationships, the benefits of being authentic and the importance of being kind to one another.

Derick Fage

TTA Advisor

Media Personality, Host, MC, Professional Speaker

Experienced Contractors

Partners & Associates

We’ve assembled the best in the industry who have many years experience working on both affordable housing projects and micro homes. 

Brandon Day

Construction-based Social Enterprise

Co-Founder & CEO
Community Builders

Brandon is the Co-Founder & CEO of Community Builders, a Barrie-based Non-Profit Social Enterprise construction company that provides employment, training and housing opportunities for underserved populations.

Community Builders (CB) is the leading Not-for-Profit Construction based Social Enterprise in Simcoe County and Greater Sudbury. 

Our mission is to create affordable housing, meaningful employment and healthy communities. One of the ways we do this is through our Trades and Diversity Training Program that provides people with barriers to employment with paid construction and life skills training designed to propel them forward into meaningful and well paying careers in the trades.

Justin Massecar is the co-owner of Ontario Tiny Homes, a new service providing stock and custom plans for tiny homes across Ontario. This service is hosted by the parent company, MW Drafting & Design, an architectural design firm from Simcoe, Ontario.

Justin‘s diverse experience includes time as a building official with the City of Guelph, Kitchener and RSM Building Consultants; a private code consulting firm providing training, plans examination and inspection support for municipalities.

When he is not involved in the never ending project of his own house construction, he’s working with the team to provide architectural design and drafting services for homeowners, contractors, builders and property developers. Justin‘s passion for sustainability, strong technical knowledge and site experience provide a holistic design experience for their customers.


Justin Massecar

Architectural Design and Drafting Services

MW Drafting & Design

Alexander Topol


Co-Founder & CEO
Twin Dolphin/Stronghouse Canada Corporation

Alex is a man of many trades who has operated businesses in Canada and Europe for more than fifty years. He is a problem solver who is not afraid to push the boundaries of what was to bring innovations to the forefront. With experience in mining technology, military vehicle operation, trucking and logistics, machine building, composites, boat building, metal building systems and more, his active mind is always designing or solution-seeking.

Alex’s current operation in Wallaceburg Ontario focuses on designing and building sustainable and wise vessels for living, recreating or doing business on the water. Twin Dolphin/StrongHouse Canada Corporation is also in the process of creating marine and flood and erosion control systems to meet the growing need to be prepared for the current and upcoming climate change weather patterns.

Alex and the Team have joined with Tiny Town Association to share the efficiencies and stabilities of building with light galvanized steel rigid framing mixed with composites. He and the Team are fired up by creating supportive and wise housing that help occupants to be relieved of the many pressures of current day habitation. They are also driven by the opportunity to create systems that are gentler and more respectful to the Planet Herself so that many can move into more sustainable lifestyles.

Funding Experts

Community Funders

We’ve assembled a team of experienced alternative funding partners. In order for our housing model to start and remain affordable, we’ve partnered with a group of funders that have a social focus that aligns with our core mission of creating forever affordable communities.

Ryan Collins-Swartz

Community Bonds Service Partner

Co-Executive Director
Tapestry Community Capital

Tapestry Community Capital is on a mission to make investing directly in your community the norm. For over a decade, they’ve been helping social purpose organizations in Canada raise funding through community bonds, an innovative social finance tool. To date, they’ve helped raise over $120 million in community bonds from more than 4,000 community investors, supporting 62 impactful projects in sectors such as affordable housing, sustainable energy, and more. Their clients include leading social enterprises like the Centre for Social Innovation, SolarShare, SKETCH Working Arts, and Earth Day Canada.

They believe that community bonds offer a unique opportunity for organizations to raise funding on their own terms, while also fostering deep and meaningful engagement with their communities. That’s why they partner with organizations every step of the way to plan, raise, and administer community bonds. And they’re not stopping there – they’re actively working to grow the market for community investment and make it a go-to solution for financing projects with impact. In fall 2020, Tapestry was selected as a winner of the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation’s (CMHC) Housing Supply Challenge to grow investment in affordable housing and advance their technological infrastructure. They invite all to join them in building a future where everyone invests directly in their community for impact.

Aaron is a seasoned digital marketing and advertising specialist with over a decade of experience working with medium to large-size organizations. His passion for supporting organizations making a positive impact led him to Razeup, a pioneering tech startup revolutionizing charitable giving. As Head of Marketing, Aaron leads a team dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge AI-driven marketing and donor services, empowering charities, and non-profits to amplify their message and connect with donors more effectively. Razeup is redefining charity support in the digital age, saving time and enabling organizations to focus on their mission: making a lasting impact.


Aaron Bower

Fundraising as a Service

Head of Marketing

Craig Brennan

Building Partnerships with Purpose

Brennan Consulting Services

Craig Brennan’s journey to becoming a respected figure in the world of business consulting began with a relentless passion for solving complex challenges. His deep-rooted belief in the power of strategy, innovation, and collaboration has been the driving force behind his career’s remarkable trajectory.

Throughout his career, Craig has partnered with a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, to develop strategic solutions that fuel success. He is renowned for his ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles, providing a fresh perspective that inspires transformation.
As the CEO of Brennan Consulting Services, Craig leads a dedicated team of experts who share his commitment to excellence. Under his guidance, the company has consistently delivered outstanding results, earning a reputation for being a trusted advisor to businesses seeking growth and evolution.
When he’s not immersed in the world of business, Craig enjoys mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and sharing his insights through thought leadership articles and speaking engagements. His unwavering dedication to client success and his ability to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape make Craig Brennan a dynamic leader in the field of consulting.

We're excited to partner with local builders, developers, municipalities and the Province to create a pocket community or neighbourhood in your region.  Be the FIRST!

These micro-layout neighbourhoods will be a game-changer for both urban and suburban areas looking to minimize a development footprint, maximize community spirit and see all those in need find deeply affordable housing.

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