I reached out to the board of the Canadian BioGas Association yesterday requesting that they direct me to any members that could assist in the development of a biogas processing/waste management plan for our Tiny Towns.

The current trend in tiny home designs supports independence through off-grid living. This home model has a higher initial acquisition cost and requires specialized knowledge to operate and maintain. This makes an off-grid home less than an ideal design to fit our housing model, one that is more affordable and where anyone can live in. We instead are developing the concept of off-grid towns. The idea is that the town itself will be self-sufficient, generating its own hydro, natural gas, processing its own waste, producing some of its own food. We are working to design a town plan which will be as green as possible, so we are following all leads and ideas to determine which are best suited to incorporate into each town.

The BioGas initiative is to convert human waste and organics generated by the town into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) that can then be used to operate natural gas appliances and generate power for the town to supplement the solar program.

Here is the request that was sent to their board:

Canadian BioGas Association Board Member,

I am reaching out to you in the hope that you can direct me to a member or members of your association that can assist us in developing a biosgas processing/waste management plan for the tiny home towns that we are in the process of planning.

Our mandate is to create a network of “Tiny Towns” where tiny homeowners may legally park and reside. Our towns are planned to be self-sufficient and our interest is in processing human waste and organics into RNG. This together with a solar energy program, we are planning to use to operate our towns off-grid.

More information about our association is available on our website:


I would ask you to forward my contact details to any members of your association that you feel could assist us. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,
Ed Peterson