We believe a national plan with guidelines that ensure consistent construction and operation of all Tiny Towns is a sensible solution.


To increase the affordable housing options across the country and provide a Program to help people transition from social assistance programs to becoming independent. We have developed a plan that works within the established social program parameters to achieve these goals on a national level.

  1. We will contact each municipality to determine their social program needs regarding our ARTO program.
  2. Using this information, we will create the Tiny Town plan and provide a timeline to implementation.
  3. When approved, we can order the ARTO program houses
  4. Along with the municipality, we will determine the best location for the town.
  5. Once the property is acquired:
    1. the municipality can change the land-use zoning to accommodate the town
    2. we will apply for all the permits necessary for the town
    3. we can arrange to connect to the existing services
  6. Once complete, the ground breaking for Phase I of the town can begin.
  7. Phase I includes the development of the town to accommodate the Program houses along with an equal number of sites to rent to THOWs owners.
  8. When Phase I development is complete, the permits have all been signed off and the Program houses are delivered, Program participants will be allowed to move into their homes.
  9. An official town opening ceremony will be scheduled, the public and media will be invited.
  10. Phase II of the town development will proceed.