Welcome to the Tiny Town Association Points system. The Points system is designed to allow us to acknowledge association members for various activities. Typically points are assigned based on a members activities. Points never expire. Points (which have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash) can be used in place of cash for various activities, as in:
  • Points may be used to pay for site rentals (up to 100%) in any site within the Association at anytime.
  • Points may be used in place of community service hours (for up to 100% of the service hours).
  • Points may be used to purchase Festival tickets, including both General and VIP admission tickts.

Points are awarded for these activities:

  • If you would like to become an advertiser on our Festival billboards and website, select the button above and create an account. If you currently are an advertiser and would like to access your account, select the button above and log in.

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14 September 2018
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