Tiny home communities


Here are the key points of this project budget:

  • We will acquire, build, train, and operate the SIP tiny home manufacturing plant at a location to be determined by the partners,
  • We will acquire 6-tiny town sites in locations to be determined by the partners and with Minister’s Zoning Orders (MZOs) in place, build each community,
  • We will build 1,152-tiny homes in the new SIPs Tiny Home plant and install them throughout the 6 Tiny Town Communities

  • 20-tiny homes in each town will be available as rent-to-own homes through a local social housing agency, 120 in total.
  • The initial project budget is $305M, which includes:
    • building the SIP tiny home plant,
    • acquiring 6-Tiny Town sites,
    • developing 6-neighbourhoods in each town for 127 tiny homes,
    • building and installing 1,152 tiny homes in the 6-towns,
  • Funds will be recovered through:
    • the sale of 1,032 turnkey tiny homes at $127,500 each,
    • cooperative membership fees collected at $65,000 per home,
  • The final project cost is $105.4M in total or less than $91,500 per home.

SmartHUB Containerized Systems

  • CCI Bioenergy Technologies
  • CCI Bioenergy Technologies
  • CCI Bioenergy Technologies
  • CCI Bioenergy Technologies
  • CCI Bioenergy Technologies
  • CropBox
  • CropBox
  • CropBox
  • MobiSmart Power CUB
  • MobiSmart Power Cube
    MobiSmart Power CUB
  • Waterloo Biofilter
  • Waterloo Biofilter

We expect that in less than 10-years, the full project cost will be recovered through our royalty program.

Model Communities

This investment is designed to build the first Tiny Town communities and establish the manufacturing facility to supplement affordable housing demand across the province. Our ability to propose a project of this magnitude is based on the experience of our partners.

Colliers Project Leaders has the experience to manage the construction of multiple community developments by delivering end-to-end solutions to meet all our capital project needs.

SIPSTECH has the experience to build, train and manage the tiny home plant and startup production, as they have been at the very forefront of innovation in the SIPs industry for over 20 years. 

All partners have proven experience in their areas of expertise, which will enable us to successfully complete all aspects of this project.

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