1.5M homes by 2032 is an ambitious goal however, the alternative is more people living in friends’ spare rooms, their basements, on couches, and floors, or becoming homeless. While major developers are focused on the high-density, big city builds (the places with the highest need), rural Ontario’s housing crisis is set to explode.

The existing Ontario building industry completed 71,838 units in 2022. The problem is we needed 136,364-units to stay on plan to reach 1.5M homes. If the traditional builders can grow by 5% compounded annually, by 2032 we will only be short 480,000 units, most of which is expected to be in rural Ontario.

Our plan is to build tiny home communities across rural Ontario. The combination of traditional built homes, along with tiny homes, has the potential to meet the anticipated housing need by 2032. Tiny homes can address some of the singles, couples and 3-person household needs, while keeping us on track to absorb some of the big city shortage. We can either plan for it, or be surprised by it.

The following video looks at this plan and explains the numbers. Please share.

Rural Ontario Housing Plan – v2.1

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