We have been working on updating the Association website with more information on the different ways that we want to enable tiny home living. Working with various cities, we have identified the 4 key areas we see tiny homes fitting in and identified some information on how we see these options working. We have gained some insights from this endeavor, and the Association has become more committed to enabling all types of tiny home living, not just Tiny Towns. You can read about the 4 areas, right from the homepage and the main menu item topic Living.

We are working more closely with a growing number of cities from our original tour destinations. We are building a resource that will provide you with the relevant information on where you can legally live tiny today, as well as tracking and keeping you informed of where and how you can live tiny into the future. We will be launching our city sites in the near future, which we plan to expand to cover every city, town, and municipality across Canada identifying what tiny home living options are available to you.

We have instituted a new General Member fee to join the Association of $25/year. This will help us continue to provide the information we do, as well as continuing to advocate for tiny home living. The annual membership fee will allow members to attend some Tiny Living Festivals at no cost. We are planning 40 Festivals across Ontario in 2019, and the advance tickets cost is $10 General and $20 VIP admission ($15 & $30 at the gate). Members will be able to claim $40/year in any combination of tickets as part of their membership. Each city Festival will be open to the public Wed-Sun. A master schedule will be posted on the Association website, a Facebook event will be created for each Festival and details will be provided on each city website. As a Legacy Member, your membership continues to be Free however, you will not qualify for the Festival tickets bonus. You will need to upgrade to the new General Member plan to take advantage of this bonus.

There are a lot more exciting things in the works, namely information on where you can legally live tiny, city by city coming soon! Watch your email for more updates.