Infrared Heat 200Privately owned & proudly 100% Canadian! was borne from a simple conversation on a dock at Lake of the Woods, Ontario. After talking about this new technology and being extremely skeptical of it (just like everyone else!), we took it upon ourselves to prove (or disprove) the claims of “energy efficient”, “feels like being in sunshine”, “healthy” etc. etc. We were quite honestly expecting to dismiss all these claims as falsehoods, exaggerations, or even just outright lies! Wow…were we ever wrong. It’s all true! After researching for more hours than likely makes sense, we knew we had to start educating everyone we knew about this fascinating technology that has long been recognized in the UK and Europe, but is only just starting to gain the recognition it deserves here in North America.

“Energy efficient”, “Zero Emissions”, “Clean Energy”, “Eco-Friendly” – We’ve all heard the buzzwords, but how much are we actually doing towards “living it”, rather than just reading about it? Get educated, and explore the most sensible manner of heating your home, cottage, office, gym, yoga studio or commercial space… virtually anywhere indoors that requires heat! has spent considerable time and resources researching virtually all available infrared heating solutions. The result? We chose the absolute best infrared technology available, and it just happens to be from three American manufacturers – Ducoterra LLC, Prestyl USA, and Infratech USA. We’ve also chosen the best available fire pit manufacturer – HPC. They offer spectacular fire pits and water features.

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21 October 2020
We are really excited to have been asked to provide a proposal for social housing for the County. We proposed to build 3-tiny home communities that would include a blend of social and affordable housing sites. The proposed sites are in: Bancroft, ONQ...

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  • Ducoterra SolaRay Panel

    < class="el-meta uk-text-meta uk-margin-top uk-margin-remove-bottom">Exclusive Canadian Distributor

    Ducoterra’s SolaRay far infrared radiant ceiling panels offer a low cost, high-comfort, energy-efficient heating system for your home. This simple, proven technology directly heats people and objects in a room. Just like sunshine, Ducoterra’s SolaRay panels heat you directly without wasting energy heating the air itself. Other systems, like baseboard heaters, wall heaters, and forced-air heaters, only heat the air which then rises to the ceiling and must be replaced by more heated air to maintain comfortable heat. By directly heating people and objects in a room, without heating the air, you are more comfortable, you reduce your energy use, and you lower your heating bill!

    SolaRay Far Infrared Panel Features:

    • Lower Heating Bills: Enjoy lower heating bills and make your home more energy efficient
    • Comfortable: Radiant heat is comfortable with sun-like warmth
    • Eco Friendly: Saving heating energy is one of the best green impacts you can personally make
    • Advanced Technology: SolaRay panels employ the latest radiant heating technology coupled with high performance materials
    • Zone Controlled: SolaRay panels can provide zone-controlled, on-demand radiant heat
    • Noise-Free Heating: Enjoy heating your home in peace and quiet
    • Reliable: Maintenance-free system with a 20-year warranty
    • Safe and Clean: No odours, no flue, no flame, no forced air dust or allergens
    • Inexpensive: No other heating system is as inexpensive to purchase and install, typically costing only 1/3 that of an in-floor radiant system
    • Blend seamlessly into any room: SolaRay’s 1/2 inch thick panels are visually attractive, can be painted to match your ceiling color, and take up no floor space like other heaters