We are always working on projects to help advance the tiny home movement and often I get so caught up in the process, I neglect to inform everyone. I have decided to leak this update of things in the works:

  • Tiny Home Show & Conference is being planned for August 4-7, tentatively at the Ancaster fairgrounds (Pandemic restrictions allowing)
    Watch for news about the show as it unfolds on: https://tinyhome.show
    • This is a collaborative project between the Tiny Town Association and:
    • Planned events include:
      • Open house tours of several tiny homes,
      • Trade show & consumer market,
      • Seminars by tiny home celebrities & experts on:
        • tiny homes
        • tiny home communities
        • tiny living lifestyle
      • Community design showcase, of a 4-home urban Pocket community layout,
      • Municipal/Media VIP show access with events focused on:
        • tiny home building code framework,
        • tiny home community zoning framework,
        • tiny home land-lease framework,
        • modeling communities for long-term affordability,
        • tiny home vs mobile home vs trailer
      • Tiny home design challenge open to high schools, colleges, and universities:
        • Peoples’ Choice Award
        • Most Innovative Design Award
        • cash prizes
      • Tiny home build competition to determine:
          • Peoples’ Choice Tiny Home Award
          • Most Sustainable Tiny Home Award
          • Most Affordable Tiny Home Award
  • Supportive tiny home community project Thunder Bay, tiny home & community consultant, project team advisor
  • College Boréal Sudbury partnership in an NSERC Social Innovation Fund project, A Comprehensive Study: Building a Modular Tiny Home Standard for an Affordable & Supportive Rapid Housing Solution
  • In association with St Lawrence College’s (SLC) Kingston, skills training program to build 3 tiny homes for Supportive housing. The p[roject will provide participants an opportunity to work on all aspects of home construction while building homes for people in need.
  • Building a Logan36 tiny model home that will be on display along with the 3 SLC tiny homes as a demonstration of a Pocket Community site at the TinyHome.Show. The home will be given away to one lucky subscriber to our tiny lifestyle video series.
  • Queen’s Solar Design Team partnership designing and engineering a fully off-grid, autonomous tiny house build for a 2023 competition entry.
  • Working to create a tiny home building code framework and tiny home community framework through CIP and FCM. Applying for funding under the Green Municipal Fund.
  • In partnership with Hammarskjold School (high school) Thunder Bay, for their indigenous student tiny home building program. Funding is provided by the Port Arthur Rotary Club and CMHC. The completed home is planned to be installed in the Thunder Bay supportive housing project, owned and managed by Matawa First Nations Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Collaboration with Colliers Project Leaders for 1st Showcase Community build
  • Working with Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada to develop our community co-operative model
  • Community builder Investor presentation and video – Municipal version coming soon
  • Potential build locations for our Showcase Tiny Home Community include:
    • Kingston
    • Orillia
    • Sudbury