We are excited and pleased to announce that we have submitted a proposal to the United Way, Simcoe/Muskoka for a 10-tiny home community in Huntsville, under the Federal Government’s Reaching Home program. The project if approved would provide 10 one-bedroom tiny homes, that are expected to rent for $780 per month including utilities. The homes will be between 288-320 sq. ft. The development would expand affordable rental housing options, and provide separate homes for 10 individuals, or couples, in a community setting. The unique thing about tiny homes, is the shared common outside space, providing room for porches, gardens, trees, and lawns.

The community setting encourages people to get to know the people that are their neighbours, making connections that can last a lifetime. We realize that this project will only help a few people, but it will open up the possibility of more communities that can help more people find housing they can afford.

This could be one of the first Micro-home pocket neighbourhoods in Ontario!  It’s also a new option for housing and an alternative model moving forward.  If we are to reach the amount of housing needed with the continued growing population as well as more and more being priced out of the stock that is available, we need to consider this as part of the solution.  Tiny homes are not for everyone, but for those that need a warm, safe and dignified place to call home, we hope TTA can help!

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We're excited to partner with local builders, developers, municipalities and the Province to create a pocket community or neighbourhood in your region.  Be the FIRST!

These micro-layout neighbourhoods will be a game-changer for both urban and suburban areas looking to minimize a development footprint, maximize community spirit and see all those in need find deeply affordable housing.

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