We are really excited to have been asked to provide a proposal for social housing for the County. We proposed to build 3-tiny home communities that would include a blend of social and affordable housing sites. The proposed sites are in:

  • Bancroft, ON
  • Quinte West/Trenton, ON
  • Belleville, ON

Each community would be within a short commute of their host city or town (15-minutes) and be built off-grid, managing it’s own waste processing, water collection and distribution, as well as generating it’s own renewable energy. Here are the community details:

  • each community would include sites for 28-tiny homes
  • each community would include a SMART-Hub Community Centre
  • each community would include all the necessary infrastructure for the tiny homes, community residents and the community operation
  • all sites would be owned and managed by the Association until fully developed, at which time the community would transition into a cooperative consisting of the tiny homeowners living in the communities.

Our proposed site fees are $350/month and include all utilities. Our plan is to develop tiny homes as an affordable housing option, that can remain affordable in the future as well. The 3-sites if fully developed could support over 800 tiny homes.

For those interested in the potential costs of a tiny home, below is our basic calculator summary for a tiny home for social housing:

To give you an idea of how home costs can vary based on the finished and components selected, we include a “Smart-home” option with details below:

Let us know in the comments below if you would like us to provide access to our estimating spreadsheets. We have been considering allowing people to access the Tiny Home Estimator, which would include information on the products we include in a home, as well as being able to select, unselect and upgrade your choices. We are also working towards sharing our tiny home construction plans with the community. These will be code compliant tiny homes. The plans should pass code and be buildable in any location where there are no bylaws limiting the minimum square footage of a home.