Doug at Timbercraft has agreed to allow us to give away the plans for our Logan32 tiny home that they provided. They created the plans based on our home concept and you can view and download them for free!

If you have ever wondered what would be required to frame and build a tiny home, the Logan32 plans include these details. You will still need to talk to an electrician, plumber and gas fitter about running your services in the home, but this can give you an idea of the structure and materials. We have designed the home to group the services together to minimize costs. This house is designed for year-round living and includes a full set of appliances. It is also seniors friendly as the loft is simply for storage, and the bedroom is on the main floor.

The house is 32′ long (plus 4′ tongue with utility room) x 8.5′ wide so it can be pulled on the road without a special permit.


  • Queen sized bedroom (walk around the bed or swap a murphy bed for a larger living room)
  • wardrobe
  • living room
  • dining room (seats 4)
  • galley kitchen
  • bathroom with full-sized tub/shower
  • front & back door plan (or remove the back door and relocate the laundry room there)
  • loft storage
  • utility/storage room
  • fridge, stove, rangehood, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, double sink, TV, full-sized tub/shower, vanity, toilet