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You've probably seen tiny homes on HGTV, on YouTube, in newspapers and magazines. You've thought that maybe you could be happy in a tiny home, but you're not sure. Well, we've got an invitation for you. We're bringing our Tiny Homes on Tour Festivals – The Affordable Living Shows to a city near you. We want you to experience tiny homes by getting inside them. You will be able to ask builders, owners and people living in tiny homes, questions on everything about tiny homes and get a real feel for the tiny home lifestyle.

We’re building 4-tiny homes and inviting several tiny home builders to tour, industry leaders you can speak to, product suppliers and some of the people you have come to know in the industry to talk about tiny home building, living and lifestyle.

We're connecting with each city to help us coordinate our Tour when it arrives. Each Festival will be open to the public Tuesday – Sunday to give as many people an opportunity to tour the homes, speak to product vendors and learn about tiny home living as possible. We’re working to make each Festival an information event for those looking to build, buy and live tiny.

The Festivals will begin in May of 2020 and we are planning to visit 30+ cities across Ontario. We're still working the bugs out of our schedule and will post it here as soon as its finalized, so you'll know when we'll be in your neck of the woods. Check our schedule to find out where Festivals are available.

Festivals operate rain or shine as we are unable to reschedule due to the limited season and the number of cities we plan to visit. Please note that tickets are NOT specific to any city, but can be used at any Festival.

We are building websites for each city that will include a list of tiny homes coming to be on display, product vendors, locations, dates, and times. We will post links to each site as they are confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festivals!