Tiny Homes on Tour Festivals


The Affordable Living Shows

Reach a New Market

We’re building 4-tiny homes and inviting several tiny home builders to tour with us, inviting industry leaders to speak about tiny living and you can showcase your products and services to tiny home enthusists.

We're bringing a complete tiny home show, with tiny living seminars to your city and will be inviting city staff, affordable housing managers, key local association admins, the media and the public to attend each festival.

The Festivals are beginning in May of 2020 and we are planning to visit 30+ cities across Ontario. Check our schedule to find out when we will be in your city.

Festivals operate rain or shine as we are unable to reschedule due to the limited season and the number of cities we plan to visit.

Vendor Booth Details

  • Booth Size
    Standard Booth: 10' x 10"
  • Outdoor
    Weekly Rate: $600
  • Indoor
    Weekly Rate: $1,250
  • Display Ad
    Includes 1/8 Page Display Ad
  • Vendor Listing
    Includes 1-year website directory listing.