Tiny home communities address …

Housing Needs

Based on data collected in the 2016 Census, CMHC has determined that 13% of Canadians live with Core Housing Needs which includes inadequate housing, temporary homelessness, affordable housing, and right-sized housing.
  • Singles, couples, single parent/young families, seniors, empty-nesters, and veterans constitute the demographics of people choosing tiny home living.
  • These are the orange, blue, yellow, and some of the grey area in the chart.
  • Over 67% of the people in core housing needs fit the tiny home demographic.
  • CMHC has projected that Canada will conservatively reach over 15.5 million households by 2031.
  • Our calculations have determined that over a million people that fit the tiny home demographic will still be in core housing need at this time.

Tiny homes can’t solve the housing needs of all Canadians however, when someone that is over-housed in a home larger than their needs, relocates to a tiny home, that bigger home becomes available to a bigger household. Tiny homes can accommodate the needs of larger family groups through redistribution.

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