Looking to meet and share your interest in tiny homes with others? Good news! You now can meet and network with the growing community easily thanks to our partnership with networking app Shapr !

How to start in 3 steps:

  1. Download Shapr for iOS or Android – it’s free
  2. Complete your Shapr profile or you can get started with one click using LinkedIn.
  3. Add #interests to your profile, including the specific #interest:


Shapr’s smart algorithm will do the rest! Each day, Shapr will suggest relevant nearby profiles who share your professional and personal interests. Your batch will include 15-20 suggestions a day, with around 3 prioritized suggestions from TinyTownAssociation. Just swipe right on the profiles of those you hope to meet. When you match, message your new connection and arrange a time to say hello over the phone or a cup of coffee! Discover each other, and create new links! ☕ There were six million matches in 2017 that lead to fantastic projects, new companies, investments and more. Who will you meet?