Tiny home communities

Community Connections

The goal of this project goes beyond providing just affordable and social housing, but strives to create sustainable communities. At the heart of each 32-home neighbourhood, is the SmartHUB community centre which serves as a social gathering place for the community and more.

Each centre includes:

  • a solar roof to generate enough power for the community centre and homes,
  • a commercial kitchen and dining area where (monthly) community meals can be prepared and shared,
  • an outdoor patio for summer meals and gatherings,
  • an indoor lounge, TV room, and meeting area,
  • a gym with stationary equipment and a yoga studio,
  • shared office and counseling space, for professionals including counselors, doctors, dentists that travel the tiny home community network providing their services,
  • on the lower level are shipping-containerized equipment including:

    • 4 gardening containers that will grow more produce and tender fruits year-round, than the 4-acres the community is built on,
    • 1 waste management container, with renewable natural gas processing,
    • 1 water collection, processing, and filtration container for the community,
    • 1 cold cellar storage facility for year-round storage for community grown produce,
    • 1 smart-grid utility equipment container that stores and distributes power throughout the community
  • We have also budgeted for one electric bus and charging station for each town, that we plan to provide the host city, allowing the community to connect to public transit to further support our green living initiative.
    A transit component is built into the monthly cooperative fees to offset transit operational costs.

  • Each town includes over 10% green space (10-acres) that will be planted with weather-zone hardy fruit bushes and trees, as well as outdoor summer vegetables for the community.

Community service

The cooperative community model requires that each resident provide 10-hours of community service per month as part of their rent component, that will support the operation of the town, while strengthening the sense of community.

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