CMHC: Canada’s Housing Supply Shortage

Written by Founder
on 27 July 2022.

June 23, 2022

CHMC releases Canada’s Housing Supply Shortage: Restoring affordability by 2030 report where they project housing needs to meet affordability by 2030.
Here is a summary of units needed by province/territory from the report:

Target level of affordability in 2030 Housing supply required
Ontario 37% 1.85 million
Quebec 32% 0.62 million
BC 44 % 0.57 million
Manitoba 30 % 0.26 million
Saskatchewan 30% 0.10 million
Newfoundland 30% 0.06 million
Nova Scotia 31% 0.05 million
Alberta 30% 0.02 million
New Brunswick 30%
P.E.I. 30%
Total 3.53 million

Here is the link to the full report: Link

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