The Association is connecting with municipalities across Ontario to invite you to the Tiny Home Show & Conference, Municipal VIP Day – Thursday, August 4th. Tell us what topics for seminars, workshops, and exhibits will help you understand how tiny homes and tiny home communities can help address affordable housing needs in your city and town. We want to arm you with the tools to address concerns from council members, constituents, and colleagues enabling you to support tiny homes for the 67% of people in housing need, that fit the tiny home demographic.
There will be tiny home builders with tiny homes that you will have VIP access to examine, as well as being able to question builders about their homes. Product manufacturers/retailers will be available to answer questions on tiny home components, and how they meet building code requirements.
We want to expand your understanding of how tiny homes can help many people in your city and town have a home of their own, so let us know what seminar topics will be most informative and helpful to you in the comments below.