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  4. Thursday, 04 July 2019

I spoke with architect Ross Chapin, author of Pocket Neighborhoods recently about our tiny home POD neighborhood design. Ross had some insightful comments on design elements that were missing in our neighborhood that he felt would hinder the development of community.

I’ve taken his suggestions and incorporated them, first into each site design as well as the POD design. Here are the key items updated as well as the reasoning behind them:

  • Layered spaces. I have added layers to each site to provide a graduated sense of privacy as one moves from the common space and path, into each tiny home.
  • A low annual/perennial garden first greets the visitor between the path and a low picket style fence.
  • Beyond the fence, the plantings are taller perennials with small trees/shrubs mixed in.
  • A raised (1-2 steps) deck or covered porch that is 8’ deep is last before one reaches the tiny home.
  • A side yard that the tiny home opens to has taller perennial plantings on the adjacent tiny home side, provides more privacy to the occupant and the side entrance into the tiny home.
  • Tiny homes with windows on a maximum of 3 sides (excluding the passenger’s side) add to the privacy to each neighbor’s space.
  • The tiny homes are expected to utilize a hybrid trailer design allowing the wheel system to be removed when parked so the tiny home can be secured to the site pad or a low foundation wall.

For more specific details, see the site model picture and details attached. The scale is 1 px = 12 inches.

We are using this site design in our 2019 NHS Demonstration and Research Project proposal and have approached 14 cities that have indicated they support tiny homes in 1 or more ways about hosting a Pocket Community built using our POD design.

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Instead of using the space for a floral garden, consider the addition of a small greenspace built as a greenhouse or as an orangery if this is intended to be stationary. Also keep in mind, adding square footage as a 'sunroom' to a tinyhome, can be used in municipalities that have a minimum square footage.
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