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  4. Thursday, 04 July 2019

After working on the updated site design, I then took the suggestions Ross made about developing a community and applied them to the complete POD design. This updated version creates separate zones and levels of personal space so that each tiny home site offers private space.

Community design notes:

  • The 2-large yellow rectangles are community buildings that will allow residents to operate small businesses. This will be green-space for community gardens in alternating PODs in a Tiny Town. They will be gardens for the demonstration project.
  • The black roof is the community center, with a deck attached.
  • In a Tiny Town, adjacent PODs may not require the side lane-ways, to discourage frequent use, but we will have to see how easy it is to maneuver a tiny home, into and out of a site from a single 11' wide lane-way.

The community buildings are currently planned to be made from converted shipping containers. This project Pocket Community may only operate for 3-years as this is what I have updated the proposal based on city feedback. As there is no zoning by-laws that allow what we want to build, we're hoping to get it going based on a Temporary Use permit, which is initially for 3-years.

  • An architect (advisor Maria) is working through some design ideas for the community center which I will upload as well.

While I had hoped to be able to provide sites in Tiny Towns for every style of tiny home, at this point the homes will need to fit the following guidelines:

  • no windows on the driver's side of the tiny home. This came from talking to the city of Kingston planning dept to fit into their ADU requirements for setbacks. If there are windows on the tiny home side that is closest a property-line, regular building setbacks apply. If there are no windows, then virtually zero lot-lines are allowed. When we considered this in relation to Pocket Neighborhood design, we realized that this also helped provide a more private space as one tiny home does not have windows facing the private space of the next.
  • the tiny homes need to be on a foundation. We have been working with a trailer manufacturer in Hamilton and have developed a hybrid trailer design. Basically, the wheel system can be removed from the foundation system, allowing the tiny home to be secured to a low foundation wall. This allows the tiny home to become building code complaint (assuming the rest of the home is built to standards) when parked but can be placed back on wheels to relocate. It is also more cost-effective than a wheeled trailer. We see a future where a moving service will own the wheeled system and will bring it in to move the tiny home.
  • The exterior design of each tiny home can be unique, as can the shape/size of the home. I have designed each site pad to be 42' long. As the hybrid design removes the tongue from the trailer as well, the site can accommodate a trailer that would be a maximum of 45' on the road, which is pushing the tow-able length limits.
  • For the Demonstration project, all tiny homes will need to be OBC compliant, as non-compliance is not an issue we are looking to become involved in. Our review of the codes suggests that a complaint tiny home can be built and provide great accommodation for singles, couples and single-parent families. While we don't dispute that larger families can live tiny too, to get the project approved and built, we are focusing on working within the current housing guidelines.
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