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  4. Friday, 10 November 2017

I have been working on some designs for the basic "neighborhood" in the Tiny Town design. The idea of a POD is that with a standardized unit, each town can be developed with an initial number of tiny home sites, and can be expanded as demand dictates. The POD then needs to be something that can accommodate a number of different tiny home densities, be added on easily as required, and can be a standard layout so that all towns across the network can offer the same amenities.

Additionally, the POD needs to be able to connect to the services of each adjoining POD, link roads to allow access to tiny homes, vehicle traffic and parking. The POD needs to incorporate a centralized neighborhood green space, as well as solar production for the POD. The POD is based on a 1-acre parcel of land and needs to be able to be scaled to accommodate different town sizes.

I have attached 2 POD designs that can fit this model. Each POD is shown at the maximum density of 12 tiny homes per POD. The PODs can be connected to each other and design v2 provides the ability to turn a corner with services. Where the edge of a series of PODs cannot accommodate a full POD, each can be halved and still maintain their function.

A lower density can be created by not building all sites initially. Later this can be developed to accommodate maximum density should homeowner demand require it. Varying densities of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12 homes per POD are planned to provide homeowners with the opportunity to enjoy varying degrees of privacy. This increases the monthly cost per site as site rental rates are being determined based on the maximum density model. Site rental rates will be discussed in another discussion thread. Lower density PODs are not expected to be the choice of most homeowners, as this is also a smaller neighborhood community, which is expected to be less appealing. Additional green space could be added that connects the PODs together based on the lay-of-the-land in each town

Your comments and ideas are appreciated.

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Love your POD designs and your whole idea about them! Hope they get built soon!
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