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  1. Jason Beisick
  2. Tiny Town Design
  3. Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Have you given thought or have any ideas as to where the 133 Tiny Towns will/might be located?

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Good question!

A while ago I researched the towns across Canada to determine how many towns were required to provide a sufficient network so that tiny homeowners could move and be within commuting distance of most of the major Canadian centers. I have uploaded my research and added it as a new menu item under the above Plan > Town Locations.

Let me know your thoughts.

After posting the list I see I need to modify a couple of things, most specifically not displaying towns not currently selected. It will give you some idea at this time however.

  1. Ed Peterson
  2. 2 years ago
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Edits fixed, so now all the town locations are displaying correctly. There are only 122 sites noted in the list, as I have planned that some of the larger centers will require more than 1 Tiny Town to support demand in those areas, so 11 additional Tiny Towns have been included in the plan.
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