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Let's talk about making legal places for Tiny Homes. Tiny homes offer another way of addressing affordable housing and homelessness. These discussion areas provide a forum where we can develop the ideas and strategies that can make Tiny Towns a reality. To become part of the discussion simply Join the Association (it's Free) and then get into the conversation on topics that interest you.
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  4. Monday, 25 September 2017

We are preparing a research project proposal to send to the MBA departments at Canadian Universities to encourage research into our Tiny Town concept, our affordable housing initiatives, and our social programs. We are seeking comparative analysis by region, but looking to not be so restrictive as to limit the data provided. We are hoping for some unique comparisons providing insights into areas we haven't yet considered.

A copy of the draft proposal has been forwarded to the Advisory Board for their input and will be posted here when finalized.

Our intention is to assemble as much data as possible to support our program's concept when we present to the municipalities.

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