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  4. Friday, 01 December 2017

On Tuesday Mike and I attended a seminar and tour at CCIBioEnergy in Newcastle to view their bioCube system. The bioCude is an anaerobic digester that breaks down organics and wastes producing biogas, heat, and digestate. This biogas can be refined into Natural Gas to be used throughout the town for heating and cooking within citizen's tiny homes. The digestate can be used for fertilizer in gardens, greenhouses, and farm fields. The company has 25 years experience in diverting and converting organic material and their bioCube option seems like it will make a good fit in the Tiny Town design.

  While septic waste and organic processing into renewable natural gas (RNG) may initially cost more than a traditional septic system, do you think this is a worthwhile initiative?
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I was looking at something similar
  1. Ed Peterson
  2. 2 years ago
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Yes, this company just came up on my IndieGoGo recommendations. I was impressed with what they are doing and posted their video on the association site as I thought it was worthwhile to share with Tiny Homeowners that are looking for waste processing solutions on their own.
As mentioned above, from a cost perspective it makes more sense to me to do this Tiny town-wide. This would eliminate the cost to each homeowner, as well as having to deal with taking down the equipment, moving it and getting it running again in a new location again. It would be much easier to just disconnect, move and then reconnect to the system at the new location.
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