I have now begun posting to the Advisory Board Discussions. This is where all plans and discussions about the direction of the Tiny Town Association will develop. All members of the Advisory Board are encouraged to follow and comment in any discussion that interests you, as this will form the basis for the Associations actions.

The first discussion started is regarding designing the model for Tiny Towns. I believe that building with a plan will create a better town, so I have posted my initial thoughts (well thoughts that have developed over the last year or so) and I look forward to the board’s comments. I have started with the town design as a discussion as I am beginning discussions with suppliers about town services.

Currently the Advisory Board is open to new members, so if you think you can contribute to the association’s plans, I encourage you to become a member of the board. Simply log into the site and update your profile to indicate you want to join the board or register and select Advisory Board member as a way you would like to Participate.