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Ed Peterson

Kingston, ON Canada
Member Since:

Position: founder/director

Creator, Builder, Visionary.

Builder, entrepreneur, visionary, Edward Peterson has always looked to creating an exciting new tomorrow. With an appreciation for the world as it is, Edward looks for ventures that expand the choices we have in our lives. He has come to understand how ideas become reality, by nurturing the evolving vision.

His enthusiasm is contagious and this naturally draws talented people to him that help the vision unfold. With an unlimited energy, the projects Edward participates in progress at an accelerated rate producing positive results far ahead of the norm.

Bringing a background in the construction, renovation, food service, computer, solar, alternative energy, web development, sales, marketing, accounting, management and business startups, Edward has a broad experience base to draw upon and the ability to recognize the talents of others that move each project to a successful completion.

Working in the community, Edward has helped local non-profits and charities develop systems and online presences that have assisted them in running their social programs, building support for their causes and funding their operations.

With over 30 years’ experience, Edward has started, built, managed, sold and closed businesses of all sizes. From the simple beginnings of one-man operations through mid-sized corporations doing millions in revenue each year, he has been involved in all aspects of the business lifecycle and brings this knowledge and passion to every project.