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Patrick Vecchio

Kingson, ON Canada
Member Since:

Position: advisor

Teacher, Entrepreneur, Social Activist.

Throughout his adult life, Patrick Vecchio has distinguished himself by taking calculated risks, but with a commitment to personal values and energy to bring to completion what he started. He championed young people, those in need, consumer customers and social causes. He has been recognized for his leadership and building a reputation for forming effective teams which believed in the incubation of new ideas.

In embracing core values: integrity, kindness and reliability, Patrick consistently found himself among common people, working for causes benefitting the community. He is satisfied when helping people. His enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring in carrying out jobs and working to achieve solutions.

Among his volunteer work, there was his election as Student Representative in the Senate of the University of Ottawa; his appointment as a member of the Ontario Early Years Steering Committee for Kingston; followed by his appointment of Community Champion of Kingston and the Islands Early Years Committee.

With some ten years of teaching high school and with nearly more than thirty years in business, Patrick has acquired a diverse experience that saw reaching beyond the classroom and on to managing a business with over six million dollars revenue.