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David Lidz

Baltimore, MD United States
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Social Entrepreneur. Having climbed out of alcoholism myself in 2002, I used the tools of spirituality-based Recovery to build Appalachian Field Services, a now highly reputed regional provider of REO maintenance and renovation services. I did that while honoring the spirit of service or purpose which is the foundation of lasting, meaningful Recovery. SO, I built AFS and then opened Recovery Residences while paying particular attention to "paying it forward." By offering safe sober residential settings, as well as jobs, vocational training and enterprise incubation (via the REO work) to folks climbing their way out as I did, I found my purpose, grew into Social Enterprise, and thus Ladder-To-Leaders was born. Ladders-to-Leaders helps men and woman build solid and lasting Recoveries through good old-fashioned work-ethic and mentoring relationships. Stay tuned for PropoNovo, Inc, which is the Benefit Corporation I chartered to become the umbrella under which these two partnering social enterprises will become one. PropoNovo will be a game-changer, both in the for-profit REO management world, and in the non-profit substance abuse Recovery world. PropoNovo, is scaling the housing/work Recovery model pioneered by AFS/L2L, landing in new cities, and broadening the social impact sphere that model can benefit. For example, PropoNovo is opening a Recovery outpost in Baltimore's Park Circle neighborhood, and engaging the neighborhood their to rebuild a community which has struggled with poverty, violence, addiction, economic disenfranchisement, homelessness, and other problems. We are very excited to engage Baltimore's Vacants-To-Values program to do great things in Park Circle; to create new or re-newed affordable housing, urban parks, gardens and arts venues; to bring positive impact and community and vocational opportunities to the schools; to conduct and curate a comprehensive history of this long-established community; and to create a model of housing security, or "homefulness" which we can then bring to other neighborhoods and other cities.