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Kilian Weekes

Milton, On Canada
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Position: milton advisor

Genuine, focused, driven.

To give people shelter

Those words began to drive me from the age of 16 as I sat in grade 10 drafting class. Looking back on my career within the building industry after 24 years & counting, & admiring where we have arrived, I simply am in awe at the circle of life & how history repeats itself.

As a proud citizen of the Greater Toronto Area, I see a City full of mega & sub-cultures who are all intertwining, living, loving & learning. We have never done this before & break new ground every day.

Where are we falling short? Shelter! We have found ourselves in the teeth of 'supply & demand.' Problem being, our building industry is being driven by overseas money by investment opportunities, life opportunities, whatever opportunities, but we are known as the land of opportunity. What happens when our very own citizens fall on hard times, or run out of opportunities? Alternative living is the answer. There is nothing else that can give a human being a sense of pride other than ownership.

The GTA is the central hub of Canada, the land of opportunity. Let’s diversify our built form.