The Tiny Town Association’s mission has always been to enable tiny homes as affordable and supportive housing options. To this end, we continue to work to develop locations where tiny homes can reside.

Federal Corporation

On September 29, 2017 the Tiny Town Association received its official Not-For-Profit (NFP) Federal Incorporation certification as:

Tiny Town Association
Association des Petites Villes


We believe that sustainably built, affordable, tiny, and small homes (collectively referred to as tiny homes) are a sensible housing option for a portion of society. Our mission is to enable them by encouraging the development of places where tiny homes can reside.

Through advocation, demonstration, standards development, design/build assistance, as well as building tiny home communities, we will expand the affordable housing options available across Canada, within a plan that is environmentally responsible, replicate-able, and will remain affordable for future generations.


As a not-for-profit, the Association is working to establish ways that tiny homes can integrate into society, not to disrupt traditional forms of housing, but support them.

The increasing costs of homeownership, especially for first-time owners are going to impact the resale value of homes when more Boomers look to downsize. If there isn’t a market of people that own homes and are looking to move into something bigger that they can afford using savings and equity, we’ll be faced with an abundance of big empty homes.

Tiny homes can be that stepping stone into and out of traditional homeownership.


We believe in cooperative community ownership and we have designed our Tiny Town model to embrace this belief.

By establishing a network of cooperatively owned Tiny Towns, members can move within and across communities without triggering a property re-evaluation. This effectively separates homeownership from land ownership.

With this land ownership model, we are focused on creating a new affordable housing option that is good for tiny homeowners and rent-2-owners, today and for generations to come.

By designing and building sustainable, eco-responsible developments, along with a cooperative model that emphasizes community involvement, we are working towards a housing option that is also good for the planet.

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