I modified the stats on the Association website today to reflect a modified long-term plan for the towns. While the initial number of sites per town will only be 10% (108) of a town’s capacity, the new stats reflect a town’s population at maximum density. The numbers are based on the new site POD plans posted earlier in the Advisor Discussion forum and include 10% for greenspace and town administration areas. The stats also reflect a larger town staff to resident ratio of 1 to 75. With the proposed 10 hrs per month of volunteer time by residents and 32 hrs per month for ARTO Program participants, this is expected to cover the anticipated town needs at this point.

The greenspace allowance is planned to include some centralized administration space which will include the BioGas processing plant. I am attending a seminar and tour with Mike Janiec which is being hosted by CCIBioEnergy. We are talking with them about providing waste/compost processing solutions town-wide, to produce our own renewable natural gas (RNG). At this point, the plan is to use RNG to supply the town’s tiny homes NG needs and to act as back electricity production to supplement solar production. Each POD will have its own solar energy production and storage facility (see the POD designs) and the RNG will supplement this if the solar storage is depleted. Presently we have planned 8 solar panels per tiny home and are expecting that will allow us to store enough power to get us through dark times. 

I have also been discussing the solar panel design with Mike to maximize solar collection and storage for the Canadian locations and will post more news as talks progress. Look for more details coming in the forum.