Tiny homes make

Affordable home ownership possible.

  • Are you single, a couple, a single parent or young family?
  • Do you want the independence that homeownership can provide but realize that in today's market, traditional homeownership is pretty much an "impossible dream"?
  • Do you like the idea of a maintenance-free, easy to clean, simplistic home where you can build equity for the future?
  • Have you seen shows, videos or articles about tiny homes and thought "What a great idea!"

We are working with towns, cities and municipalities to build a network of places that you can legally live in hybrid THOWs.

Latest News

21 October 2020
We are really excited to have been asked to provide a proposal for social housing for the County. We proposed to build 3-tiny home communities that would include a blend of social and affordable housing sites. The proposed sites are in: Bancroft, ONQ...

The Tiny Living Resource

We're assembling information on towns, cities and municipalities across Canada and how  they support tiny living.